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Cote : AffP0275
Artiste :
Titre : What the Navy is doing
Commanditaire :
Date : 1914-1918
Technique : photochromolithographie
Dimension : 37 x 45 cm
Inscription(s) :
Descripteurs : propagande ; première guerre mondiale ; recrutement ; soldat ; uniforme ; vie militaire ; marine ; enseignement ; optique (instrument d') ; bateau à rames
Texte de l'affiche : to man the road to France ; the navy makes officers for our new merchant fleet ; always on the job the navy is gradually taking over a large part of our new merchant marine ; cargo ships need officers and the navy is making them ; the above photos show the officers' material school at Pelham bay N.Y. where hundreds of lusty lads are being trained to become junior deck officers in our oversea merchant ships ; true to navy democracy those specially selected start school as enlisted men ; after two months training at sea and a two months intensive course at Pelham those qualified graduate as ensigns in the naval auxiliary reserve ; in war oversea transportation is a military job and soldiers guns and supplies must be landed with safety and regularity ; that can only be maitained by disciplined men under navy control ; the navy is in charge and the navy is putting 'em across ; join the navy reserve or coast guard